Saturday, March 3, 2012

He is two!

We had a big party for Crewser on Sunday. He had lots of support! People that came: Grandma and Grandpa boat (my parents) Grandma and Grandpa four wheeler (Eric's parents) Uncle Stu and Aunt Jess, Uncle Rick and Aunt Amy, CJ, Alex, Ry Ry, Uncle Brian (we missed Aunt Julia, Kenner, Kameron, and Jasmine, but they were where they needed to be) Uncle Brad, Aunt Syd, McKaylee, Brynlie, Sayds, Grandma Wynne and Grandpa Jay, Trav, Reece, Jake and Natalie. We are so grateful for our friends and family! We sure missed Aly, Wika,Emma and Soph!!
It turned out to be a great success. I have lots of pics on my camera, but haven't transferred them over. Here's a few from my phone..

Baby, one, and two!

A few of his things..spoiled

Cool birthday dude!!

Happy birthday buddy, we love you!

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Courtney and Tyson Page said...

Yay, happy birthday Crew! Everything looks so cute! It might be time to change your profile from "enjoying life without children" - I don't know, it's only been two years:)