Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buzz and Woody

We took Crew on Saturday to see Buzz and Woody on ice. My parents used to take me to these when I was younger, and I loved them! Did you know they sucker you into everything there?! I still have a little mermaid cup and a bell cup from the "icy's" they make. So of course I wanted to get Crew one. Well $15 later Crew had a Buzz cup with a rainbow icy that he had 5 bites of. Awesome, I know. Then we wanted to get him a cool toy. All the other kids had cool toys. So Dad buys him a cool buzz toy that spins with lots of colorful lights. Let's just say he better play with that toy every day for the next year!! Like I said when your there in that atmosphere, you want to get everything. I really just need to learn how to tell my buddy no. Well besides all that, he loved it! It was well done, and worth our money to watch him.

How can you not give that boy with that cute face everything he wants?!

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