Thursday, October 16, 2008


Brian and Julia planned our family reunion this year. We went to disneyland for a week. We also spent 1 day at the beach which was great! We had a blast together as a family!

Our first day there!

He did not like it when I called him Frotto....Sorry Frollo

The character's were so cute all dressed up in there halloween costumes!

Eric and I at the beach.....

Yes we have disney shirts on...My mom bought them for us and we all (26 of us) had them on...We got the stare downs..But it was great!

Think it's time for a new post/update!

Eric and I had a bit of a scare the last month or so. I have been having some really bad headaches, and some pressure build up in my head. It has not been fun. I started by going to my family doctor to see if he could tell me anything. All he said was to just go get a brain MRI done because I have signs of a brain tumor. Well Eric and I didn't feel to comfortable with just getting the MRI done because my doctor was so iffy about it. We talked to some people and figured maybe it was possibly my sinuses. I went to an ear nose and throat doctor. He saw that one of my tubes in my ear was not closing all the way, and said that is usually caused from estrogen. He advised me to get off my birth control and see if that helps and we would check back in a month. Well with in the month I had gone for my annual eye exam for some new contacts. That Dr. told me that I had some swelling behind my eyes, and that he could see some lumps. He didn't act to fast on things, and there I was worried as heck. My sweet sister, Amy, has a friend in her ward that is an optometrist and she talked to him, and he wanted to take a look so he could send me in the right direction. Well, he saw the swelling as well. He made an appointment for me up at the Moran eye Center with a Neuro-Ophthalmologist. We just went up and saw her last week, she was 99% sure it was not a brain tumor. But to be sure she wanted me to get the brain MRI to be 100% sure. She described to me Pseudotumor Cerebri is what I have. The results of the MRI came back clear, and what a relieve that was! Thanks to the many prayers! My next step may be a spinal tap...So now we are praying again :)